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External Hard Drives and Software for Computer Backups


Windows Backup Software. The backup software included with Windows 7 will backup your data files as well as making an initial image backup of the computer if  you need to restore from a complete system crash. Purchase one of the hard drives listed below, connect it to your computer, then start the backup software by going to the start menu and searching for backup. If this is the first time you’ve run the software, you’ll be guided through the setup. If you’ve already configured the backup previously to another drive, click on the link to change settings, and choose your new external drive as the backup drive. If your computer crashes, you can restore your programs, settings, and files with a full Windows backup.

Cloud Backup Services. An inexpensive alternative to running your own backups is to pay about $60 per year for Carbonite backup service. This will backup all of your data files over the Internet to an off-site remote service. They can be retrieved on another computer if yours crashes. This isn’t a full image backup, so restoring your computer and software will take more time if you only have a data backup.

Cloud File Services. If you’re primarily concerned about having your critical data files backed up, a service like can synchronize a folder on your computer and store it in the cloud. They can then be accessible from multiple computers, including mobile devices. The cost ranges from $60 a year (100GB) up to $180 a year (1000GB) or more depending on how much data you want stored in the cloud.

Third Party Backup Software. Many hard drive manufacturers offer backup software such as Western Digital Smartware or Seagate Backup Plus. It’s also possible to purchase backup software such as Acronis or download free software such as EaseUS Todo Backup.

Apple Computer. For anyone using an Apple computer, setting up a backup system is fairly easy. Simply purchase an external drive, plug it in, and respond “Yes” when prompted if you’d like to use the drive for backups. If needed, the drive will be formatted (erased) to be optimized for working with Apple. The included Apple Time Machine backup software automatically configures itself.

Hard Drives

The following drives are good choices for backing up computers. Choosing a drive that doesn’t require an external power supply (power cord) is wise because this reduces the chances of a component failure. The Western Digital drives come with backup software. However, you may choose to use the Windows software instead. The prices listed are current as of the time of this article.

IT Tech Job Listing

Job Opening, UIOWA, Admin Services Coordinator, Digital Studio for Public Arts and Humanities


(Source: University of Iowa Professional & Scientific Jobs Listing)

This position will function as office manager and coordinator of Digital Studio for Public Arts and Humanities activities, participate in the development of the annual budget and monitor transactions, work with Studio researchers, scholars and visitors and coordinate and collaborate on the development of symposia, seminars and meetings, coordinate competitive grant award programs, and serve as the HR unit contact.  The Studio, an initiative of the Office of the Provost, was launched in fall 2011 to support innovative research in the humanities, in conjunction with Public Humanities in a Digital World, a campus-wide faculty cluster initiative.  With the announcement of the Public Digital Arts Faculty Cluster Initiative, the  Studio now also supports research in the arts.

Operational Support and Management

  • Supports the day-to-day operational and programmatic needs of the Studio and contributes to office administration improvements and best practices.
  • Provides support for grant development.
  • Assists with planning of Studio events and programs.
  • Manages schedules, draft correspondence, and make travel arrangements.

Human Resources

  • Initiates HR transactions and function as first point of contact for HR related questions.
  • Exercises knowledge of HR policies and procedures and provide basic guidance and advice.

Financial Responsibility

  • Initiates purchasing requests for supplies and equipment.
  • Monitors accounts/expenditures; reconcile statements.
  • Determines appropriateness of expenditures and contract or grant requirements.

Information Management

  • Primary contact for Studio in providing information and responding to inquiries. Gathers and provides information using available resources.

Communications Management

  • Prepares and administer correspondence.
  • Coordinates distribution of internal and external communication.
  • Serves as main contact to faculty, staff, and students concerning inquiries requiring interpretation of policies, procedures and programs.



BusyCal Calendar Software for Synchronization Across Multiple Accounts and Systems: Google, Apple, Exchange


BusyCal has the ability to view and manage multiple calendars across multiple accounts and systems such as Google Calendar, Apple iCloud Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook Exchange.

One of the biggest advantages of BusyCal is that it lets you move all calendar entries from one system to another. For example, if you decide to migrate from Google Calendar to the Apple iCloud Calendar, you can easily click, drag, and copy all calendar entries from Google Calendar to the Apple iCloud Calendar.


Source: – BusyCal Calendar Software for Synchronization Across Multiple Accounts and Systems: Google, Apple, Exchange

IT Tech Job Listing

Job Opening, UIOWA, UIHC, Application Programmer/Analyst

The department will hire either a PIA1 (Application Programmer/Analyst) or PIA2 (Application Developer) depending upon the qualifications of the applicants.

Salary range for PIA1 is $38,724 to commensurate and for the PIA2, $47,717 to commensurate.

This individual will design, develop and maintain web applications as a member of a development team supporting the Carver College of Medicine in the areas of teaching, research and administration.


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Disable TeamViewer From Loading Automatically When Starting Windows


TeamViewer is one of the world’s most secure and trusted remote access programs. Yet, with any remote access software, unless there is an ongoing need for regular maintenance and support, it’s best to only use the software when needed.

The instructions below will guide you through ensuring that TeamViewer is not configured to automatically run when you start your computer. These instructions are for Windows computers.

1. Start TeamViewer if it isn’t running already. Once TeamViewer is running, you should see the small blue TeamViewer icon in the system tray as seen in the middle below.

2. Right click on the TeamViewer icon to display the context sensitive menu as seen below.

3. Click on Options from the menu. In the resulting window, remove the checkmark (if it exists) to the left of the Start TeamViewer with Windows option. This option is for unattended access. Once done, click the OK button.

4. Right click on the TeamViewer icon again, and this time choose Setup attended access.

5. The following window will appear. Click Next.

6. In the password window, make sure no password is entered (unless you’re planning unattended remote access). Click Next.

7. A confirmation window will appear. Click the Skip password button.

8. The following window will appear. Choose the option I don’t want to create a TeamViewer account now. Then click the Next button.

9. The final window will show the computer’s unique TeamViewer ID. This number remains the same. The password will be randomly generated each time the software is started. Click the Finish button.

10 The TeamViewer software will still be running. To close it completely, right click on the TeamViewer icon in the system tray and choose Exit TeamViewer.

Update: 31 March 2015

Recent versions of TeamViewer may not have the ability to disable it from loading on startup. In such cases, removing the software might be the best solution. Then, install the TeamViewer QS version for occasional use.

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Getting Around the Upload File Size Maximum Limitation


Problem. For users at the free “personal” level, has a 250MB limit on the size of a file you can upload using their web interface. You can upgrade your account to the $15 per month plan to upload files of up to 2GB in size. However, those lucky enough to have received the 50GB of storage free-for-life plan will want to avoid getting locked into paying $180 a year just to upload the occasional large file.

Solution. If you use the synchronization feature, the 250MB limit isn’t an issue. So, you can upload those occasional large files and retain your free membership level.

Update. The above work-around was previously an option. However, as of August 2013, will not synchronize files of a size that exceed your plan’s upload file size limit.

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FCC Shortwave Ham Amateur Radio License Renewal Online


Within a few months prior to expiration, it is possible to renew a shortwave radio license (also known as amateur radio or ham radio). The FCC has a Universal Licensing System (ULS) that permits online renewal and updating of license information. Follow these steps to perform a renewal.

  1. Visit the Universal Licensing System page.
  2. Click on the option for Online Filing Log In.
  3. You will need your FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password to login. If you’ve lost these, you can click the Forgot Password link on the ULS page (see step #1 above) to be walked through the process of password recovery. It may require waiting for a reset letter in the mail from the FCC. More is explained on the Online Filing Log In page.
  4. Once logged into the License Manager (from step #3 above), you should see a message stating “This License Is Eligible For Renewal” and a link to Begin the renewal process.

Note: Your browser may at some point get stuck during the process of going from one step to the next. If this happens, you may need to clear your browser cache and cookies to start over fresh.


Why URL Shortening Services Like TinyURL and Bitly Sometimes Don’t Work

Services like and work most of the time. However, here are a few rules to remember:

  • Account Specific Pages. There are many websites for which, once you login, you will see information specific to your user account that won’t show up for anyone else unless they are logged in as you.
  • Amazon. When on Amazon, if you’re looking at a product, the address for that page is much longer than what you’d actually need to share. Here’s an example of an Amazon link without the extraneous text. The number at the end (B0077L8YOO) is the unique product number.
  • Magazines. Some magazines won’t allow non-registered visitors access to much of their online content.
  • Newsletters. When looking at online newsletters, the URL may include your subscription information. Similarly, when you forward an email newsletter, you may be forwarding secure links that allow you to adjust your subscription details or unsubscribe. This includes RSS Feed Readers services.
  • Newspapers. Some newspapers won’t allow non-registered visitors access to much of their online content.
  • Real Estate Website. If you’re on a real estate website and want to share the link to a property you’re looking at, you may be inclined to copy and past the address as the basis for the short URL. However, if you’re logged into the real estate website, then the link you have may only be a temporary link or search result. The link may have ‘session’ information (like temporary random numbers) embedded in it. So, instead, click on the little bird icon for Twitter. This will open a new window preparing to post a generic universal link on Twitter. You don’t need to actually post on Twitter, just take the resulting link and use that. If there’s a Facebook or email sharing option, these will work in a similar way.
  • YouTube. Often when you’re looking at a video on YouTube, the URL address for that video is much longer than needed. It may include playlist information, and information about what page you were on previously. The link may also force the video into full screen mode (which isn’t always the best view). So, with YouTube, it’s best to use the shortest link possible. Usually you can get this by clicking on the share option below the video.

Network Solutions Email Client Settings for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP


Users of Network Solutions email may experience problems if they don’t have their email client settings configured properly.

UPDATE: 13 May 2024

As of May 2024, the following settings were tested to work with Outlook for Windows.

  • Incoming Mail Server
    • Server:
    • Port: 993
    • Encryption method: SSL/TSL
    • No checkmark for “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)”
  • Outgoing Mail Server
    • Server:
    • Port: 465
    • Encryption method: SSL/TSL
    • No checkmark for “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)”

You will initially provide your email address and the email password to begin the process of setting up the account. Then you will need to select the option to manually configure the email to use the settings above.

Some people may have recently been experiencing trouble with receiving or sending emails with Microsoft Outlook. In some instances, removing the email account and adding it again may help. If you’ve been using IMAP email synchronization, your emails are saved on the server. However, if you’ve been using POP3 (download only) there is no synchronization. Read the warning below.

WARNING: If you plan to remove your account from Outlook and add it again, be very careful to not lose any emails saved on your computer. If you’d been using POP3 email settings in your email client, that means the emails get downloaded from the email server and possibly removed from the email server over time. In this scenario, the emails and folders saved on your computer are not saved anywhere else. When you “delete” a POP3-configured email account from Outlook, the folder structure and all emails may disappear. With Outlook, it is best to have a separate PST file as an archive where you save your emails. Get technical assistance with this if you are not sure how your email is configured in Outlook.

Note that the server settings initially described in this document had worked for several years. As of May 2024 it seems the settings were no longer working.

Some content on this page is more than 10 years old and likely no longer accurate. It’s provided here as a record of the changes to mail settings over time.

UPDATE: 28 Jul 2022

The document below from 2013 continues to be read by many people. The instructions are generally still helpful.

As of 28 Jul 2022, the incoming and outgoing server information has been updated. This new information is based on a call today with Network Solutions support.

Users of Apple Mail for Mac computers should use the manual setup process by following these steps:

  1. From the Apple menu, go to System Preferences.
  2. Click on Internet Accounts from the main System Preferences page.
  3. Choose to add a new Mail account.
  4. Put in your name, email, and password.
  5. You will then get a pop-up box
    1. Email Address will already be filled in
    2. For User Name, enter your email address.
    3. Account Type should be IMAP
    4. For Incoming Mail Server, enter:
    5. For Outgoing Mail Server, enter:
  6. Click the blue Sign In button.

In the past, you would get a certificate error, but now with the new mail server address above, your email should work and show up in the Apple Mail program.

Below is the content of this document as it was posted in 2013.

# # #

Network Solutions Recommendation

Additional Instructions

Here are some additional instructions you may want to try. As of August 2013, the settings are as follows.


  • username: your full email address
  • password: your email password
  • incoming server:
  • port: 110 (POP3) or 143 (IMAP)
  • SSL: yes, use SSL can be enabled for security and this will change the port to 993


  • outgoing server:
  • authentication: yes, requires authentication
  • username: your full email address
  • password: your email password
  • port: 2525 or 587 (for pop3 and imap)
  • SSL: yes, use SSL can be enabled

Apple Mail Client Default Folders

If you’re using the Apple Mail client on OSX or iOS devices, the client will create its own folders on the IMAP server to use. This is confusing since folders already exist on the server. If you’re exclusively using Apple devices, then it might be easiest to just use the folder system that Apple has devised. Then when you look at the Drafts folder or Sent Messages (for example) you should see your drafts on all devices.

  • Apple Mail Folders Created by Apple Mail Clients
    • Deleted Messages
    • Drafts
    • Junk
    • Notes
    • Sent Messages
  • Network Solutions Mail Folders
    • Draft
    • Sent
    • Trash

Note that emails sent from the Network Solutions web mail system will end up in Sent, not Sent Messages, since the Network Solutions system is configured to use their default folders and not ones created by Apple.

Also, it’s very important to note that your iOS device may default to saving sent messages on your device. This means that you’ll have no record of your sent messages on any server, and if your phone is lost or damaged, you’ll lose all those messages. Also, if you delete your email account and install it again (perhaps as an attempt to fix an email problem), you’ll lose any messages that were stored on your phone and not on the server. You may want to change the default setting to save sent messages (and drafts) on the server so they are accessible from other devices.

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Document History

This document was first created on 2 August 2013. It has been updated over the years to keep it useful. The only reason this page exists and continues to be popular is presumably because adequate documentation is not available from Network Solutions.


QuickBooks Online Payroll by Intuit

20130730tu-quickbooks-online-payroll-intuit-357x500Summary. If you ever get setup with the QuickBooks Online Payroll service you may have some difficulty canceling the service.

The only subsequent communications you’ll receive from the company will be in the form of a monthly invoice from this email account:

  • QuickBooks Online Payroll Support Team <>

Poor Business Practice. Unfortunately, the invoices for the service have no contact information. This is, of course, poor customer service and also a violation of Federal laws governing the sending of emails. It’s also unprofessional. They are text-only emails without any recognizable logo or branding. Most financial institutions, businesses, and organizations will include unsubscribe and cancellation information in all their correspondence. Intuit intentionally seems to be leaving their customers in the dark to make cancellation a difficult process.

Cancellation Process. To cancel the QuickBooks Online service and Payroll service, follow these instructions.

  1. Call Customer Support at 1-888-537-7794, weekdays, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PT.
  2. Request to cancel QuickBooks Online. The sales/support person will most likely ask you to login.
  3. You will need to login at
  4. Click on Your Account, and choose Your Account from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click on the Cancel Subscription link.
  6. Fill out the survey.
  7. If you request a refund, you’ll only get 60 days refunded, even if you’ve been billed for many months and not used the service. The QuickBooks Online Simple Start is $6.47 monthly if you get the special discount. So, your maximum refund would be $12.94. This will cancel your QuickBooks online service. However, the credit/refund may take a week to show up.
  8. Now you need to cancel the Payroll module which requires that you be transferred to the Payroll services group at Intuit. You may hear a recorded message stating, “We are currently experiencing high call volume and unusually long wait times. … You can reach us online…” Don’t hangup. They won’t let you cancel the service through any online means. So, the extended wait times are designed to be a further deterrent to people wanting to cancel.
  9. If you get disconnected after waiting an extremely long time, call QuickBooks Payroll at 1-877-202-0537. The sales person can arrange for a refund.
  10. You will probably need to login to QuickBooks Payroll at
  11. Continue to wait forever to get a sales person to help you. While you wait, keep in mind that you were entrusting your entire business to these people who can’t even pick up a phone.
  12. In this particular example, it took over 40 minutes before reaching this step.
  13. The Payroll refund will be $42 for two months (at $21 per month). The credit should show up in about a day or two.
  14. This concludes the cancelation process.

You’ll get a survey based on the above experience. There is no survey for “How did you like how Intuit does business?”